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Welcome to the World of Voyagers music page

On this page you will find a selection of music from the show as well as special

re-arrangements done especially to mark its 25th anniversary


Please Read


Please give the music time to load and download


Do not hot link to these files as it steals bandwidth


Most of these files come from the original master tapes and may be impaired in places due to the age of the original material


Special Thanks


J.A.C. Redford

For the use of these rare recordings



Voyagers! Theme Tune (Funky Version)

This is a re-arranged version of the Voyagers theme tune

that I did as most 80’s TV shows had a Funky version of

their theme tune so I felt Voyagers deserved one to.



"That's It"
Worlds Apart

This is a great “light” feeling tune that provided great

mood music as Jeffery Jones and Tomas Edison invent

the first working electric light bulb This track also

features a slower version of the voyagers theme tune


"Don't call me toots"
Cleo and the Babe

One of the finest brass arrangements from the show

A typical New York style track featuring a big band

fan fair that adds great dimensions to the show


"Proof within the pages"
The Trial of Phineas Bogg

A great atmospheric score adding the feeling of

Bogg’s predicament as well as creating this

idea of hope. Their were 3 different versions

of this track this one features the doubled up ending

 and fade out but was sadly not used

This is a fan created web site for the 1982/3 TV show Voyagers!
All original pictures belong to there original owners unless stated otherwise

Voyagers! is a registered trademark of Scholastic Productions© and James D. Parriot Productions©