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Meeno Peluce – Jeffery Jones

Nick Jonas – Nick Jones

Stephen Liska – Drake

Alan Rickman - Hans Gruber

Michael J. Shannon – J.F. Kennedy

Toby Aspin – Lee Harvey Oswald


Writer(s) – Adam Ellett & Doug Naylor



Crowds pack the street and the surrounding buildings, cheering and waving, tickertape filling the air. A large entourage is rolling down the street, police and security vehicles surrounding a black, open-top limo which has small flags fluttering from its fenders.  John F Kennedy sits in the back seat with his attractive wife to his left, both waving at the crowds. Mean While Lee Harvey Oswald removes his high-power rifle from a brown paper wrapping into which he loads a round. He takes careful and steady aim at JFK in the car, and looses two shots in quick succession. Panic breaks out below; security men rush towards the limo, while he quickly re-loads.


He aims his third shot, but just before he fires, the sound of a falling person fills the room. Then from the air Jeffery appears knocking Oswald head first out of the window sending his third shot wild.

“Well that makes my total number of wood floor landing to 46 and still counting” As he gets up of the floor and brushes the dust his suit he un-clips the omni from his belt. “Lets see were we are” The red light now flashing “November 22nd 1963, Dallas humm…” taking a moment to think. “Hay that’s the year President Kennedy was shot” Then just realizing what he said he dashed to the window. “Oh this can’t be good” now realizing what he had done. Then the door to the room suddenly bursts open and two armed men, one a policeman, the other a FBI agent, charge in “FBI!” Jeffery, now realizing the full scale of what he had done said “don’t shoot” one of the guys shouted “hands on head!” Jeff not wanting to be shot did as was asked still holding the Omni in his hand. “You are hereby charged with the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald, who valiantly tried to foil your attempt to assassinate the president. Thanks to Mr. Oswald, the president is alive but wounded. Jeff flicked open the omni lid moved the dials and hit the button. The two armed men just stood there in disbelief.

Meanwhile at the former Voyagers HQ Drake right-hand man brings him news “Sir are newest recruits are now ready to work in the field, should I deploy them?” No not yet “but Drake”... I said not yet “sorry sir” that’s better Hans, timing is important. Move in to quick the Voyagers are warned, move in to slow we risk missing them. The pair now moving towards the main console to which a large selection of screens can be seen “have you found them yet” no but I feel I am close then it will begin.

Yo Nick want to hang out? Can’t, got some homework to catch up on besides theirs nothing to do here anyway. Maybe later then, if you want “what’s that?” The sound of a falling person fills the air and with a loud crash Jeffery is sent through the wooden shed “oh great, all most been shot and now I’m stuck in somebody’s shed … can this day get any worst” Then Nick who had seen him fall shouted “Yo Dad what you doing here” Jeff who was now trying to pick him self up out of the planks of wood “OH GREAT it was not somebody’s shed it was MY shed” Nick had now reached the remains of the shed upon which he offered his hand “Yo dad what are you doing in the shed and did you know most people use a door?” Jeffery who had got up off the floor replied “ha ha very funny you know that really hurt” Nick was now trying hard to stop laughing “I am sorry but of all the landings I’ve seen you do this was to funny” “So what are you doing here? I thought you weren’t coming back yet” Jeffery had now started beating the wood dust of his jacket “It wasn’t my plan to come back yet I needed a quick escape and this is where I ended up … but hay its great to see you” moving in for a hug. “So how’s school?” Nick replies “Its OK but its just so boring here. Of all the places we could have gone why did you pick here? with Jeff quick to reply “Because its safe here and you have less change of being made an example at the hands of the Drake elite” at that moment he pulled out the omni and started setting the dials “I guess you will be leaving me again now?” Jeff looks up from the omni “I am sorry that you don’t like it here but it is for your own protection” Nick now looking a bit down “Hay I tell you what if you promise to give this place a chance, how would you like to come help me with this” after a short pause he replied “really” Jeff holds out his hand containing the omni “really” and with in a flash the two were gone.

Once again the sound of falling people filled the air and with a few seconds the two were in the room Jeff was in earlier. “Where are we?” Jeff takes a look at the omni “It says 1966, I must have prodded us forward three years” whilst Jeffery Is setting the Omni to the correct date, Nick heads to the open window “Hey, there's nobody here, the entire city's deserted” They venture outside “told you there was nobody here” with Jeff who’s now very confused replying “this isn't right … lets take a look around” They slowly walk around some of the pleasant streets which are completely devoid of any signs of life. Abandoned vehicles line the side of the road, and a breeze blows old litter around.  In the back of one of the cars is an discarded newspaper - its headline reads "Millions flee from American cities"

“I don't understand it, all I did was save Kennedy's life” “Is that bad? What kind of a guy was he?” replied Nick trying to be reassuring “He was a fine man”


Nick then had a thought “Hay would your Omni’s histo-chip be able to tell us more as this is now history” Jeff quickly pulled the omni from his belt and moved the histo dial “yeah here’s some think” at that moment the Omni’s mini globe shrunk into darkness with a small screen taking its place. “Well what’s it say” Jeff looked into the screen and began to read “President Kennedy was impeached in 1964 for sharing a mistress with Mafia boss, Sam Giancana. It was the biggest scandal in American history, Kennedy was sentenced to three years in an open prison in July, '65. J. Edgar Hoover became president, he was forced to run by the mob, who had pictures of him performing deals with various underground figures” Nick then asked “So America had a president controlled by the Mafia?” Jeff still continued to read “Soon after the election, the USSR were allowed to install a nuclear base in Cuba in return for Mafia cocaine trafficking between Cuba and the States. With a Soviet nuclear base 30 miles from the US mainland, people fled from all the major cities”

The two had now reached the parade area “so what now?” Jeff who had just moved the histo dial back into place replied “we need to go back and put history back to the way it was … but how?” The two now thinking “What about if we got someone to shoot from behind that grass hill over there?” Nick suggested “You mean the grassy knoll” Jeff replied “Yeah that will work won’t it?” Jeff then paused for a moment “Well yeah but I am not going to shoot him” quickly followed by Nick “No nor me” Then Nick came out with a great idea “Wait I know who we can get” grabbing the Omni and setting it “where are we doing?” to which Nick replied “Idlewild airport, July, '65”


Moments later the two find them selves at Idlewild airport where they can see a handcuffed JFK being led down the stairs from a plane and loaded into the back of a prison truck. “This is right. He's being escorted to Hoover open prison in New York” Nick then gives the omni to Jeff “he’s your chance to put things right” Jeff takes the omni from Nick moves the dials and with a matter of seconds he finds him self in the prison truck.

“Don't be alarmed, sir, but I have a very strange tale to tell” Jeff then explains the situation so far. After listening Kennedy replies with “I have had plenty of time to reflect on my days in the Whitehouse. In all important respects I believe I did a good job. It was right to plan a pull out of Vietnam, to fight for civil rights, and to fight congress to put a man on the moon. It was wrong however, to act like an irresponsible jackass with all those women, and allow my enemies to wreak havoc on our nation. “But I can help sir” Kennedy who was now interested asked “How can you help?” with Jeff quick to reply “Well, come with us back to Dallas, November 1963, be a second gunman, the gunman behind the grassy knoll” Kennedy who was now confused “You mean, assassinate myself” “Yeah! It'll drive the conspiracy nuts crazy, but they'll never figure it out” The van now pick up speed as it is joined by escort vehicles “But I still have a future here. Jackie left me, but, when I get out I can still make a contribution to the world” “See this airport, Idlewild airport? In my reality they renamed it JFK, after you. Where I come from you're a liberal icon, and that's the person you should be. If you're gonna be that person, you're gonna have to sacrifice your life” Kennedy was now looking slightly down and in a low voice replied “And only then will my reputation be restored in history?” with Jeff confirming “Yes I am afraid so” At that moment Kennedy sat up on his seat “Ask not what your country can do for you... ask what you can do for your Country” “Hey, that'd make a pretty neat speech, that” and with a slight smile “It did”


The three take position behind the grassy knoll. Jeff hands him what looks like an M-16 rifle, and nods towards the street meaningfully. Oswald starts lining up his shot from the Texas Book Depository with JFK tracking his own vehicle as it moves slowly down the road.  Oswald fires his first two shots, wounding the president as before. This time, however, Kennedy himself takes aim from the grassy knoll - firing his shot moments after Oswald's third. Kennedy lowers his gun and turns away, clearly disturbed, but unreadable beyond that “I, ah, thank you all for giving me the opportunity to be reborn” JFK walks slowly away from them towards a line of parked cars where he fades from reality and returning history back to normal.

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