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Welcome to the All New Voyagers Fan Fiction page


“It is the 21st Century and much has changed …”


The race of people know as Voyagers find themselves at the brink of extinction as Drake seeks his revenge by over throwing the voyagers HQ and eliminating any voyager who stands in his way. The voyagers who survived continue to help history along but are always aware that they are being hunted by Drakes men who he pulls from history


Jeff, who now has a son, continues to help history along ever hoping that one day normality may return to the world. Bogg, now a retired voyager has now settled down in an unknown time zone to avoid being detected by Drakes elite


What lies in store for the voyagers … only time will tell

In this the “All New Voyagers!” fan fiction series



The “All New Voyagers!” fan fiction series

Has been created for the enjoyment of the fans and not for material or financial gain

This is a fan created web site for the 1982/3 TV show Voyagers!
All original pictures belong to there original owners unless stated otherwise

Voyagers! is a registered trademark of Scholastic Productions© and James D. Parriot Productions©